Everyone knows a School Learner who complains that,

"I get it right when I do my homework, but when I write a test it is all wrong!"
The Bird's Eye Videos are provided free of charge with the questions, and plays directly from YouTube - please consider subscribing to our Channel while you are there!

Our hope is that learners will watch the Bird's Eye Videos before attempting to do a question, by listening carefully and learning how to read and interpret the information.
This is in part because the questions are not read, evaluated and analyzed properly.

That is one thing, but how does this problem get solved?

For one, Math should not be learned for....it should be understood.

The Bird's Eye Videos provides a step in that direction by giving an overview of what the questions say, and sometimes don't say. It is a short video made by the MATHmechanic giving analysis and pointers about what to do, and how to approach the question.....before anything is written down!