We have a database of video-memorandums of typical (and odd) questions ranging from Grade 4 tot Grade 12. This database is so vast that it is often difficult to find what you are looking for, and then it is also sometimes difficult to know what to search for.......
Razor Maths is a pdf-packaged list of JumpCodes, indexed for you according to the various Topics as you may now them. Now you can simply go the section in the document for "Fractions" and see a complete list of JumpCodes relating to everything that has something to do with fractions, relating to the relevant grade that you've searched for.
Click below to see a sample of 5 typical questions that we have provided video-memorandums for you for

Grade 4         Grade 5         Grade 6
What happens if you still cannot find what you are looking for? Well....just drop us a mail with your question and we will make a recording for you!
On top of all this, we will
  • update the pdf-document regularly!

  • Provide weekly worksheets from the questions

  • Give you a quarterly Baseline Assessment