The MATHmechanic regularly embarks on campaigns to foster a deeper appreciation for Mathematics in the real world - to take away the sting of the clinical and abstract approach of the classroom and textbooks

The Mathematics Launchpad Philosophy

The MATHEMATICS launchpad philosophy:

It is very important to see this philosophy in
the context of the Fourth industrial Revolution,
and more specifically in the following summary
of the skills that every person must acquire in
order to be successful and survive in this new

                   "Learn, Unlearn, Relearn"

For the kids especially this philosophy is important - how do we prepare them to be ready for a world that changes daily?

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Making money with Maths skills
The bridge between working hard and achieving success in Mathematics lies in how, and how many, questions are asked.

It is rather difficult, however, to convince kids
in school that there is a long-term benefit
in learning Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry
or Calculus. This long term benefit is
directly correlated to the skills learned in asking

The MATHmechanic will be working with kids
who are registered on the Easy Equities platform
to show them how they can grow and make money, and invest in their futures, by teaching them how to ask the right questions.

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