The MATHEMATICS launchpad philosophy:

It is very important to see this philosophy in the context of the Fourth industrial Revolution, and more specifically in the following summary of the skills that every person must acquire in order to be successful and survive in this new world:

"Learn, Unlearn, Relearn"

For the kids especially this philosophy is important - how do we prepare them to be ready for a world that changes daily?

The Launchpad:
Mathematics is the launch platform

The rocket:
Mathematics launches skills in all other subjects and interests

The Moon, the Planets, the Stars:
This will be a successful career, in other words this is the goal…the destination.

The Space around everything:
These are the questions that MUST be asked. Question everything!

All the instruments and structures around and in the rocket:
These are activities that the Mathematics Launchpad Philosophy presents and recommends, as it makes the process of aiming for the stars possible:

  • The necessary building blocks for Maths should be in place

  • Online classes and Videos for the knowledge transfer

  • Q & A platforms (HomeworkHelper & The Baco to Basics program)

  • Teach2Btaught (kids must be able to explain to understand)

  • Bird's Eye View videos to teach them how to read the questions

  • Interactive videos (online "extra classes")

  • TestMe quizzes (15 Minutes Math)

  • Moodle Books

  • "Conditional progression" courses

  • The internet as a source of knowledge

  • The use of Forums